IP Blocklists

Last month I wrote about protecting asterisk with fail2ban. After running my fail2ban regex configuration for only a few months I collected a list of over 6000 dodgy IP addresses. This list continued to grow and is now in exess of 24000. In my experience fail2ban starts to struggle with long IP lists and so I decided it was time to implement a blocklist on my firewall, and I’ve published my ip ban lists in case they useful to you, too.

It’s very important you that understand I’ve not reviewed these ban lists extensively. It is highly likely some of the addresses are safe, for example, operated by security research groups. These lists are published without any warranty.

IP blocklists

I’ve published three IP blocklists created by analysing my logs. The lists are in a simple line-by-line text format and you can use the urls below to add dynamic reject rules to your firewall. If you use the OPNsense firewall, Reto Haeberli has a great guide on Using OPNsense and IP blocklists to block malicious traffic.

SIP blocklist:


SSH blocklist:


MAIL blocklist:


I’ll update these lists as I collect more IP addresses.